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We dedicate significant resources to pioneering sustainable agricultural technologies that drive profitability for small-scale farmers and empower rural communities.

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Research for the innovative development of a prototype equipped with the NIRS technique to analyze the chemical composition of the soil in real time, associated with a digital field notebook equipped with an Artificial Intelligence layer with prediction for personalized fertilization of crops.


The agricultural world has changed radically, becoming more professional at the pace that the market required and farmers need to have advice and support that is of vital importance to achieve optimal production on their farms, with the aim of optimizing the use of fertilizers and phytosanitary products. and thus protect the environment. The use of near infrared NIR analysis, a spectroscopic technique that naturally uses the electromagnetic spectrum, will allow us to know these deficiencies in real time, allowing the farmer to properly apply fertilizers, complying with current regulations (Directive 91-676-EEC or the future European regulation establishing standards for the sustainable nutrition of agricultural soils).
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Protech Life

Development of a range of mineral fertilizer products improved with mycorrhizal fungi and rhizobacteria, to improving soil biota, and increasing the resistence of plants against pathogenic fungi.

Protech Life

Development of a range of mineral fertilizer products improved with mycorrhizal fungi and rhizobacteria, with two main objectives: improving soil biota, establishing symbiotic relationships with plant roots. This allows the plant to have better absorption of water and nutrient elements, such as phosphorus (P) and nitrogen (N), as well as increasing the resistance of plants against pathogenic fungi, due to their antagonistic effect.


The Protech Fertilizer Product Line is designed, formulated and manufactured for the Professional Farmer, who seeks maximum efficiency in his fertilizer plan, incorporating the latest available technologies in the field.


Range of fertilizers that introduces the latest technologies available in the field of fertilization. Especially available to minimize nutrient losses (nitrogen) and/or optimize their availability (phosphorus). To minimize nitrogen losses, we use inhibitors, either by washing (nitrification inhibitor) or volatilization (urease inhibitor), or we incorporate biodegradable polymers, which allow a gradual release of nutrients, thus substantially reducing the emission of nitrogen into the atmosphere; thus becoming the best option to care for our crops and the planet.
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NIRS2CUSTOM MR331B Grupos Operativos 2022 – 24
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NIRS2CUSTOM MR331B Grupos Operativos 2022 – 24

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Programa Bono enerxía Peme 2023

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