What we do

Company objective

We are committed to continuous improvement in the field, and to the people who have made this their way of living.

Committed to innovation as the only way to generate value in rural areas.
We’ve been working the land for 50 years. Learning and respecting the traditions that our grandparents passed on to us, but always with an eye on the future, and the tireless search for improvements in the production processes. 50 years growing hand in hand with those who have placed their trust in us throughout this journey: our customers.

Customers who have made us improve, who have made us learn, who have made us grow… in short, who have made us become the way we are today. Because of them. Because of them, we have been able to create the widest range of fertilization solutions for agriculture, and offer them personalized advice

And for them, for our employees, for our families…
we are ready to go on for another 50 years leading on.
What we do > Personalized consulting

Personalized consulting

We offer personalized and reliable counselling through our technical team, who, thanks to their extensive experience, can make an optimal diagnosis of each problem that may arise in the daily tasks of any farmer.

We help at the right time for the application, in the application format, crop protection, etc.
We support our clients by offering them a complete counselling service, making it available to them

An authorized expert for the application of fertilizers and slurry, who will also assess all activities in order to provide only the necessary nutrients

Creation of a multi-year subscription plan.

Record of the nutrient applications made in the logbook.

Who we are > Products


Aresa has a wide range of solid, liquid and soluble fertilizers with the most suitable formulation for each soil, which provides it with balanced nutrition. As well as, new formulas that integrate the latest technologies to improve the yield of the crops and at the same time to take care of the environment.

It complements its range of products with amendment and cereals.

Gama fertilizantes aresa

Solid fertilizers


It is a conventional fertilizer, which provides the crop with the essential nutrients to obtain the best possible yield, maintaining the fertility of the soil and without harming the environment

Available at: NAC 27, 15.15.15, 8.24.16
Agroland n27
NAC 27
Agroland t15
Agroland 824


It is a conventional fertilizer that we offer in the following presentations: NAC 27, 15.15.15, 8.24.16, 9.18.27, Superphosphate, DAP and Potassium Chloride.
Fertimon 27
NAC 27
Fertimon 15 15 15
Fertimon 8 24
Fertimon 9 18 27
Fertimon super fosfato
Fertimon dap
Fertimon cloruro potasico
Cloruro Potásico


A range of complex fertilizers, specifically formulated to cover the needs of each type of crop, which provide greater yield and quality to the harvest and, therefore, greater profitability to the farmer. Available for the main crops in Galicia, whose formula is revised every year, after an analysis of the land by experts from the University of Santiago de Compostela.

Fertiland patata
Fertiland vina
Fertiland pradera
Fertiland maiz


A range of fertilizers developed and manufactured to correct deficiencies in secondary elements and micronutrients of the soils, to obtain the maximum crop yield. (onion, leek, lettuce, carrot, etc.).


Different alternatives for its application in forest fertilization, depending on the stage of planting in which it is.



Fertilizers developed to cover the needs of gardens and sports fields (soccer, golf, etc.).

In addition to our usual formats, Agroland Garden is available in 5 kg bags.

Agroland garden


Range of fertilizers that introduces the latest technologies available in the field of fertilization. Especially available to minimize nutrient losses (nitrogen) and/or optimize their availability (phosphorus).
To minimize nitrogen losses, we use inhibitors, either by washing (nitrification inhibitor) or volatilization (urease inhibitor), or we incorporate biodegradable polymers, which allow a gradual release of nutrients, thus substantially reducing the emission of nitrogen into the atmosphere; thus becoming the best option to care for our crops and the planet.
To optimize the availability of nutrients we incorporate a patented additive that manages to maintain the phosphorus available in the soil, avoiding its blockage by interacting with other elements present in the soil.
Aresa protech

Liquid fertilizers



The best solution to apply to the land at any time of the year, covering the specific needs of the main crops in our environment. Available in both simple and complex fertilizers.

Soluble fertilizers



Easily dissolved fertilizer for use in greenhouses and high value-added products where more rational dosage and less water are important.

Organic Fertilizers

Agroland vitta


It is a balanced organic fertilizer of animal and plant origin, which provides a high organic matter content and therefore improves the chemical, physical and biological characteristics of the soil, as well as promoting microbial activity in it.



Range of products that stimulate biological processes in crops and help improve the availability and assimilation of nutrients (increases production and quality of the harvest), as well as promoting the resistance of these crops to stress situations.
Protech plus

Eco-friendly fertilizers

Fertiland eco


Certified fertilizer for use in organic farming.
ARESA has certified its fertilizer plant to package different types of fertilizers, so that it can meet the needs of any certified crop in organic farming.


Agroland calcimax


Limestone or magnesium limestone amendments that provide calcium and magnesium to the soil, in addition to helping to correct its acidity. Available in different application formats: powder and granulate.


Agroland cereales


We offer barley, corn, rye and wheat of recognized quality and purity, both individualized and blended.