Who we are

We are a company specialized in manufacturing, sales and professional advice of fertilization solutions for field farming professionals.

Who we are

More than 50 years of history

Who we are

Our values

Who we are > Our values


We are convinced that credibility does not come free. Year after year. Doing things right, earnestly. Gradually gaining the trust of those who make us stronger:

Nuestros valores compromiso

Our employees

Without them, without their effort, their knowledge, their ability to work, we could not carry out any project. We are committed to them and their families... to provide them with job stability and a healthy and safe working environment.

Our suppliers

We are committed to working with them as a united team. With transparency. Earnestly. As strategic partners who share a common goal: to meet the needs of the farming fields.

Our clients

Who we promise to listen to, care for and understand your needs. Who are we going to work for, with flexibility, with energy to offer you at every moment a personalized solution to your requirements.

Feeding animals on the farm.

Who we are > Our values


We were born in the country. We grew up in the countryside…
And as long as the countryside is a source of wealth we will be here. We have lived the transformations of the rural world, we have been part of the change, and we are committed to putting in value our environment.
It’s not a fad, it’s a way. A way of understanding the life that our grandparents have passed on to us, and which we want to respect.
That is why, out of respect for tradition, for what identifies us and makes us unique, for what has brought us here, we promise to keep alive the customs of the countryside. And in that spirit we will try to improve the future of the sector.



Likewise, we are committed to progress. Generating value in the rural world means improving the living conditions of those who decide, like us, to dedicate their lives to the countryside. Optimizing processes, incorporating knowledge, professionalizing teams…
In short, innovating.
We are committed to research, and rely on prestigious partners to help us in the task, to invest resources and efforts in innovation and development. This is the only way we can create value for our customers. This is the only way we can be useful for the rural.
Nuestros valores innovacion


Customer focus

Nuestros valores orientacion al cliente
Our clients and our clients’ clients, are the center of our decisions. Of all our choices.
We will be flexible in our procedures, serious-minded in our approaches, close in our attention… we will be a strategic partner that will put your needs before ours. A fellow traveler who will do anything to solve any dilemma that comes your way.
If we can be proud of anything, it is that in these 50 years we have not been alone. We have been, are and will be accompanied by the confidence of our customers.



We have inherited a paradise, an environment that, if we do not know how to take care of it, will disappear. And with it our essence.
We are committed to respecting the nature that we have lived from, and that we want our children to live from. Therefore, our actions are aligned with the principles governing the ODS and the European Biodiversity and Circular Economy Plans.
Not only do we comply with the regulations that show us the way to sustainability, if not that we want to be ahead of it, and even be an engine of change.

Pollution prevention and control.

Improvement of water or soil quality levels.

Reduction of nutrient losses, which in the long run ensures that the fertility of the soil is not damaged.

Application of precise fertilization techniques and sustainable agricultural practices.

Protection of healthy ecosystems.

Improvement of biodiversity.

Study and development of new activities that provide nutrients to crops.

Para ello, analizamos los suelos y sus necesidades, y diseñamos un Plan de Gestión de Nutrientes, integrado, personalizado y sostenible.

Who we are

Aresa and Terra Campus

Aula aresa campus terra

Who we are > Aresa and Terra Campus


The Terra Campus of the USC was born “with the intention of transforming the campus of Lugo into a scientific and social reference in the field of economic, social and environmental sustainability of land use”, as indicated from the USC itself. Aresa is totally aligned with this objective.

For that reason, in 2000 we proposed to the USC the creation of the Aresa Award, with the aim of recognizing the work of people, companies and/or institutions that contribute in an outstanding way to the improvement of the rural environment of Galicia, from three axes:

Improving the well-being of people living in the countryside and transferring the problems of the rural environment to the rest of society.

Recognizing and encouraging R+D+i in the agricultural and livestock fields.

Paying special attention to the sustainability of natural resources and respect for nature.

Aresa campus terra

Who we are > Aresa and TERRA Campus 


This was the starting point of the link between Aresa and the Terra Campus, which we have been strengthening over time. As a result of this, different initiatives have emerged, which today are

The creation of the first Aresa Classroom in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, in 2008, as a result of this Faculty becoming the winner of the VIII Aresa Prize and dedicating the prize money to this project

Creation of a second Aresa Classroom also in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, in 2017, responding to the commitment that Aresa has with the University, especially with the Terra Campus, in order to support research into new initiatives and projects that contribute to the development and progress of the agricultural and livestock sector

Creation of the Aresa Junior Awards, An award that seeks to promote interest in science and technology among young people and that rewards creative, artistic and communication skills in the scientific-technical field, within the framework of the International Summer Science Campus XuvenCiencia organized by the Terra Campus, USC, since 2014, for pre-university students